The Man I call Father

You gave me one last chance at redemption but stubbornness kept me from seeing that you were leaving.

My heart broke the day you said goodbye. I’ve lived everyday since idolizing you, hoping that I would be able to forgive myself.

I failed when you were alive and ignored every advice; now I live everyday trying to make you proud.

They called your conqueror, it hurt’s that I only understood why after you left. I know you want me to create my own path but how can I after everything.

You stretched out your hand,  one last chance to shake ‘the man I called father’ and I walked away.

I lack the tenacity you had, the confidence you exuded, the courage you exhibited and the love you showed.

People say, I look like you. I wish that were true. I am nothing but a shadow of the man they knew as my father.

I look at myself everyday in the mirror, hoping you’d say something.

Hopefully one day you will.







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